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Finding Food Truths: What's on Your Plate?

Lift the veil on modern Betway 体育agriculture,how farmers and ranchers are raising your food - and why marketing has added so much guilt to the food plate.Michele speaks from the intersection of food and farm,bringing a unique vantage point to help bring perspective to today's issues in food,health and nutrition.

Lighting Your Fork on Fire: Powered by Your Passion Keynote

Find out if you're a groundbreaker,grandstander or sitting in the stands when it comes to igniting a movement around today's nutrition.Michele will tap into and leverage the passion of Registered Dietitians in this high energy,motivational keynote designed to help RDs forge stronger connections with clients.

Growing a Food Movement: Empowerment through Engagement Workshop

How can you multiply your impact from one-on-one to reaching hundreds?This interactive training will give you 6.5 steps to building a movement through equipping,engaging and empowering a community.Michele will help you find a stronger voice for a true food movement - one that is based on expertise,science and good sense.

Growing a Social Food Conversation Training

Conversations about food,how it's raised and nutrition are happening in social networks.Michele offers social media training that's known for filling brains with real-life examples and practical tips.

No More Food Fights!BookNo More Food Fights!by Michele Payn

Food fights might seem entertaining,but there's nothing funny about the fights taking place over food production.Resource limitations,animal welfare and biotechnology are just a few issues cropping up to create confusion in the grocery store. Bring peace to your plate with this new guide.

Expert Dietetic,Farm & Science Information

Is it real science?

How do you decipher shoddy science?  This page has a variety of Betway 体育resources for you to check if the information you're getting is junk or not.

Dietitian & Nutrition Professional Blogs

Food information from credentialed experts,not celebrities!List of registered dietitian,professional nutrition and food science blogs.Contact Micheleto request to request to add yours.

Blogs by Farmers & Ranchers

Looking for information about where your food is grown and the families on today's farms?  Take a look at these blogs by farmers and ranchers from across North America and the world.U.S.blogs are categorized by region,then sorted into states.

Agvocate Bloggers

Perspective from those working and living in Betway 体育agriculture about the business of raising food,fuel,feed and fiber.

Science Bloggers

Insight from scientists working on food,farm,nutrition and food science issues.

Social Media Tips & Tricks

Michele's favorite tips and references for the social conversation about food and farm.If your voice isn't in the game,someone is speaking for you!


#FoodChat is a moderated conversation on Twitter on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays at 11:00 AM Eastern of each month.It's similar to a conversation at your local coffee shop,only FoodChat is virtual.

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