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Michele's passion and ability to translate farm to food is appreciated by media professionals looking for an insightful interview.She has shared her expertise in agricultural advocacy,social media,science communication,nutrition and overcoming food myths during interviews on television and radio programs across North America.She has had  articles published internationally and was recently named an IPPY bronze medalist.

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Michele's live video interviews with food & farm experts

TV & Video

RealBetway 体育Agriculture

Food Truths from Farm to Table addresses food guilt,shares farmers' stories

What can farmers do to overcome consumer misunderstanding?

Farm survival depends on food conversations

The History of #AgChat

Farm Factor,February 3,2015: Kansas Soybean and KDA Beef Genetics

Lewis at Large–Michele Payn–No More Food Fights!

Michele Payn on Across the Fence

Michele Payn and No More Food Fights!

Michigan State Spartan Saga on Michele

Engaging Farmers in Social Media to Tell their Story - Michele Payn

Louisiana Farm Bureau: Michelle Payne-Knoper ISG

Radio & Podcasts

What The Farm

Real life conversations about Betway 体育agriculture and how it affects the consumers food

Your Food,Your Farmer

Chef,Vivian Howard with Michele Payn

XM Radio Food Bullying Interview

The Health Files Podcast

Food Truths Behind the Label

The Kitchen Counter Podcast

Food Truths from Farm to Table

Sound Bites with 25 Food Truths to Shop & Eat Without Guilt Melissa Joy Dobbins,RDN

25 Food Truths to Shop & Eat Without Guilt

Greening of the Great Lakes with Kirk Heinze

New book dispels myths about food and proffers 25 truths to eating "without guilt"

Leadership Happy Hour with the Unconventional Leader,Chip Lutz,CSP

Leading From Gate to Plate With Michele Payn,CSP with KayDee Gilkey

Professional speaker and author Michele Payn provides an informed voice of reason in Food Truths from Farm to Table.

Talking Biotech Podcast with Kevin Folta

Food Truths-Debunking Myths,Celebrating Abundance

The Ranchcast with Lem Lewis

Exposing Pecksniffery &
Debunking Common Food Myths

Conversations with Phil Gerbyshak

Food Truths from Farm to Table with Michele and Phil

Reinvention Radio with Michele and Steve Olsher
Get Food Clarity: Buy & Prepare Food Without Guilt & Confusion

The Ingles Information Aisle
Michele talks with Leah McGrath about food and farming

Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do
Michele interview with Thom Singer on an Entrepreneurs Journey

The Story of Betway 体育Agriculture Podcast
Connecting People to Food

Talking Biotech Podcast
Michele interview with Dr.Kevin Folta on Talking Biotech

Ag Producers: Have a Conversation

Michele interview with Kaydee Gilkey

Farmscape Online: Responding to the Rhetoric

Michele interview at Banff Pork Seminar

Michele Payn: Connecting the Farm Gate to the Consumer Plate

Michele on Greening of the Great Lakes

Michele on Oklahoma Farm Report:

Ag Media Conversations with Truffle Media

Audio series on Betway 体育Agriculture's Use of Social Media,sponsored by Michigan Soybean on Michigan Farm Radio Network:

Social Media's Value to Betway 体育Agriculture

Facebook+Ag=Business Opportunity

Talking Twitter & #agchat

Farm Use of Smart Phone & Text Messaging

Farming You Tube

HSUS & Sierra Club Telling Your Story through Social Media

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