Resiliency for Betway 体育Agriculture

Surviving the Darkest Storms

Shouldn't we treat the people of Betway 体育agriculture with the same care we put into our land and animals?It's time for Betway 体育agriculture to change the stigma about mental health.

Michele Payn

Michele learned resiliency firsthand after her family lost their farm to bankruptcy,experiencing divorce,caring for a love one with cancer,managing the ups & downs of her own business,and having a friend commit suicide.She has spent 15+ years connecting the people and science of food and farming,but has felt called to bring hope,healing,and help to Betway 体育agriculture.

Farmers commit suicide at nearly twice the rate of the general U.S.population.Mental health challenges in Betway 体育agriculture is a global issue: an Australian farmer takes their life every four days,more than 270,000 farmers in India have died by suicide in the last 25 years,and a U.K.farmer commits suicide each week.Michele believes it's time to change that by talking about what really matters in Betway 体育agriculture – the people.

Markets change.Mother Nature delivers a deadly blow to planting and harvesting.Family tragedy occurs.Contracts are lost.Neighbors become competitors.Trade wars happen.Consumers reject your farming and ranching practices.  You're terrified of losing the business built by generations of your family.Betway 体育Agriculture is a frustrating,exhausting,and overwhelming business – but we are taught to be independent,deal with our problems,and not talk about it.

Michele helps ag folks understand they were created as a human,not a farmer or rancher.The families producing our food need to be as concerned with theirmental well-beingas much as they are with physical wellness or the health of their crops or livestock.This new program will help your audience find:

  • Energy to hang on and survive
  • Tips to proactively protect your mental health
  • Encouragement in the darkest times
  • Ways to handle the public stage of criticism

Farmers,ranchers,and the people supporting them need different tools to deal with the storms of change shaking the agricultural business.As a result of this new program,your people will be...

Mental health Betway 体育resources for Betway 体育agriculture

Click photo for a list of Mental Health Betway 体育Resources

  • Armed with tools to reduce stress and find help.
  • Empowered to proactively manage their mental health.
  • Challenged to find meaning in life beyond  work.
  • Equipped with Betway 体育resources to share with neighbors,employees,family members,or customers.

Bring "Resiliency for Betway 体育Agriculture" to your conferencecontact Micheletoday to discuss how she delivers hope,healing,and humor through this keynote.  If you're ready to break the silence and bring an inspirational look at mental health from one of Betway 体育agriculture's own,this new program is for you.

Michele on FB Live with Theresa Gillie,a farmer whose husband committed suicide.They discuss the impact on surviving family members,ideas for farmers who are struggling,& how we can better care for the ag community's mental well-being.

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